Lady von Radegast (Newf)
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Sex F Hip Scores
Registration reg 1532 Elbow Scores
Identification# Eye Tests
Date of Birth 1906-04-15 Other Health Tests
Country Germany Health Notes
Date of Death Unique Ancestors 134
Call Name COI 5 Gen 1.51%
Kennel Radegast COI 10 Gen 4.03%
Breeder COI 30 Gen
Website AVK 3 Gen 100.00%
E-mail AVK 4 Gen 100.00%
Owner AVK 5 Gen 88.71%

Rasco von Zellertal (Newf)


Thor (Newf) Marco Hottingen (Newf)

Duke of Cumberland (Newf)

Gunville Prince Victor (Newf)

Furnessia (Newf)

Nixe (Newf) Nelson (Newf)
Lady Ramp (Newf)
Lupa vom Hardtwald (Newf) Fox (imp Newf) Not in Database
Not in Database
Sascha II (Newf) Wolf (Newf)
Sascha (Newf)
Pluto-Altona (Newf) Pluto von Lüsslingen (Newf) Roland (Newf) Nelson (Newf)
Lady Ramp (Newf)
Wogelinde (Newf) Duke of Cumberland (Newf)
Fishermaid (Newf)
Minna von Wiedlisbach (Newf) Nichols Hardy (Newf) Farquharsons Odin (Newf)
Nichols Sybil (Newf)
Furness Queen (Newf) Nichols Courtier (Newf)
Furnessia (Newf)

Lea vom Altmühltal (Newf)

Humber Duke (Newf)

Master Jumbo (Newf)

Nero XI (Newf)

Lord Nelson (Newf)
Nichols Queen (Newf)

Littles Jenny (Newf)

Gunville Prince Victor (Newf)
Nichols Sybil (Newf)

Rosalie (Newf)

Scamp IV (Newf)

Scamp II (Newf)
Burbage Gipsy (Newf)
Shot (Newf) Not in Database
Not in Database
Thekla vom Altmühltal (Newf) Tristan (Newf) King (Newf) Jung Roland XI (Newf)
Wogelinde (Newf)
Thirza (imp Newf) Not in Database
Not in Database
Vera vom Altmühltal (Newf) Not in Database Not in Database
Not in Database
Not in Database Not in Database
Not in Database

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